Fujitsu's New Laptops Could Surely Double As Kitchen Utensils

Whether you need to surf the web, watch a movie, dice some tomatoes or cut a man in half, Fujitsu's new range of super-thin ultrabooks should meet your needs.

The Lifebook U Series range of laptops is the latest offering from Fujitsu and they're designed to pack a lot of laptop in as small an amount of real estate as possible.

The flagship Lifebook U772 measures 15.6mm (compared to the MacBook Air's 17mm thickness) at its thickest point, and packs a 14-inch screen, 2 USB 3.0 ports, discrete graphics, a 7-hour claimed battery life and a reasonably hefty price tag of $2488. The smaller UH572 comes with a 13.3-inch screen, 5-hours worth of claimed battery life and a 32GB iSSD for caching.

Both devices come in black and silver and have the option for an additional cellular antenna to be installed so that you can get data on the go.

My tip would be not to throw this at anyone in a fight. If it hits its mark you're looking at attempted homicide for sure.

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