Friendshake Is Facebook's New Way To 'Friend' The People Around You

A new Facebook feature has been made publicly available with not so much as an announcement. Friendshake uses your phone's GPS to find the people around you on Facebook and easily add them as "Friends". It's half cool, half freaky.

Ostensibly, Friendshake is a way to quickly and easily Friend Request someone you meet out at, say, a concert. If you go to from your phone's browser and log in to your Facebook account, you will see everybody else who is also on that page within a certain radius of you (it uses your phone's GPS). It also reportedly works in Facebook's iOS app by going to Menu > Apps > Find friends > Other Tools > Find Friends Nearby. Once you're logged in you will see a screen that looks like this:

It wasn't able to find anyone near me, because nobody really knows about this yet, but expect that to change in 3... 2...

So the benefits here are clear. You meet a cute somebody at a concert and you're like, "Hey, we should be Facebook friends", and they're like "OMG, totes!" Then rather than having to spell your names and search around, you've got a much smaller group of people to choose from. I guess that's great, right? It's also presumed that it could be used to find people nearby with similar interests, or friends of friends, or pretty people to prey on. Wait, what?

Yeah, see, that's the dark side to this kind of thing. Sure, it'd be great to easily add a contact quicker, but imagine this: some creep has been looking at you all night. You open the app, the weirdo recognises your face from your profile picture, and now the creep knows you name and possibly some of your personal info. One would assume that there will be all kinds of privacy settings added, but Facebook doesn't have the most sterling of records when it comes to such things. I hereby advise them to be very, very careful. And I advise you to be careful with it too until we all know more about it. [TechCrunch]



    This would be really cool if there was a way to only see, and only be seen by, your actual friends. I can see this being handy at a theme park/concert/shopping center etc etc.

      It's called Latitude (at least on an Android...)

        Thanks keiron. Do you have any more info on Latitude? I searched for it on the play store but don't think I found the one you are referring to??

          It's part of google maps, just open google maps and up in the top left you should be able to get a pull down list of different services from google, latitude should be one of them, you might be able to get to it from the menu also. You then need to setup all your friends that you want to keep track of with latitude and then add them in the app

            Thanks for that Troy.

    I can see this being handy at a supermodel's convention :D

    It's working on the currently iOS Facebook app... I think it will be creepy!

    Facebook & Grindr/Blendr have a love-child ? :)

      They must've been in the same room at some stage and they just couldn't help themselves. ;)

    So, this is basically exactly like G+'s nearby stream in android?

    Seems like a pretty handy feature, really. Like anything facebook, it's up to the user to not be stupid about using it (smart use would be log in > accept friend request > log out, pretty unlikely anyone else would spy you and they'd have to really be trying).

    An even better system would use NFC and you just tap phones together... would eliminate much of the privacy concerns and be that much cooler :)

    Can you use this new feature in the android facebook app?
    The problem with latitude and G+ is that people have to be using those services, which, lets face it, they're often not, or at least not as much as facebook.

    I see it as an easy way to add someone you've met without having to look through all the people in the world with the same name as them hahah

      I found it haha

    Why does Facebook constantly add ways for you to meet and add new people, and yet they ban you for trying to add too many new people

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