New Android Apps: Flipboard, Nike+ Running London 2012 And More

There's a lot to like about the best Android apps of the week. We're giving you a couple of games, the official Flipboard app, and a little something from Nike.

Flipboard: At long last, the social reader app has made its way to Android. The new version pulls together all Twitter feeds and helps you keep up with publications you follow. There's also support here for Google+ (if you care) and YouTube. Free.

Centipede: Origins: You might remember Centipede as an arcade game from the '80s. Now it's gotten a reboot in smartphone-form, and you can embrace the nostalgia by blasting vermin out of your garden. $0.99.

London 2012: The summer Olympics are quickly approaching, and you can picture yourself as a competitor by playing some of the featured games. Run track, swim the butterfly, and duke it out in other categories. By the time the Opening Ceremonies arrive next month, you'll be ready. Free.

Nike+ Running: Here's another entry that's been popular on iOS but has only just now been made available on Android. Nike+ Running maps out your runs, tracks your progress and motivates you to move those feet faster. Free.

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