Facebook Wants Your Phone Number

As part of a new security initiative, Facebook wants your phone number. It claims that it will help you recover your account in the event of an emergency — but should you hand it over?

TechCrunch reports that the request will be rolled out to all desktop users within the next few days. The idea is that, in the event of a hack, a new password can be sent to users via SMS, avoiding the need for email and further possible security compromise.

Of course, sceptics are suggesting that it's just a ploy to cash in on a glut of recent security compromises and, in turn, grab millions of phone numbers to do with what they will. Maybe that's the case.

Should you hand your mobile number over? Probably not, if you really care about keeping it locked down and available only to those you trust. But if you prize access to Facebook — and dread the idea of losing access some day — then maybe your personal details are fair game? [TechCrunch]



    Given that we can no longer use our friend's contact data, why, why indeed?

    If Facebook make it mandatory, it could finally provide the incentive to switch which Google+ desperately needs.

    Pointless because in most countries, Australia included, prepaid SIMs don't require proof of ID. This has worked with (now largely defunct) social networks in East Asia, but again, their phone companies involve fairly rigorous checks.

    See, if everyone has a link back to their real selves, that means everyone has something to lose, so basically fewer trolls and system-wide accountability; the second some users can mitigate this and others can't, all benefits becomes irrelevant. Which leaves the downsides: more data to be compromised by mistakes, dodgy Terms of Service, blatent disregard to domestic laws outside the US etc etc.

      Prepaid SIM's do require proof of ID in Australia. http://www.acma.gov.au/scripts/nc.dll?WEB/STANDARD/1001/pc=PC_507

    the latest android facebook app update alows them to record from your phone or tablets mic or cammera at any time. they could be watching you in your home right now

    Telemarketers wet dream if they get ahold of your phone number.

    Given the amount of information FB has on everyone, I'd be amazed if they didn't already have it...

    Should FB make it mandatory I'm leaving them permanently.

    Sorry...but I don't really count forgetting my FB password as an emergency.

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