Everyone Loves This Foam-Generating Beer Mug

Why should your foam intake be limited to only the first few sips? It shouldn't. Not any more. Jokki Hour is the "sparkling beer mug" that uses a simple button-activated lever to tap the bottom of your mug, thus sending a rush of foamy bubbles soaring to the surface.

As the jauntily scored commercial demonstrates, Jokki Hour pleases literally everyone. Mums. Dads. Children. Friends eating popcorn. Middle-aged couples. Men sitting alone behind a glowing computer screen, in a dark room. Punk rockers. Businessmen. Trendy teens.

Literally everyone.

The product page calls it a "Party, Dinner and Gathering Super Gadget". And for $US22.50, it sounds like bargain! [OhGizmo]

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