Dredd First Trailer Brings One Liners, Bullets And Slow Motion Everything

Cheesy one liners, gratuitous slow motion and more bullets than a munitions factory. That's right, the first trailer for the Judge Dredd film reboot is here, and it's everything you want in an action heavy thrillfest.

Dredd tells the story of a gritty future where a city has been turned into a violent wasteland by a new drug called SLO-MO that makes the user feel like time is running at one per cent of its normal speed.

No Stallone to lay down the law this time around, instead we have Karl Urban and boy does he need a lozenge. You may remember him from such films as the 2009 Star Trek reboot, The Bourne Supremacy and The Lord Of The Rings sequels.

The villain in this twisted world of slow motion catchphrases is Ma-Ma, played by Lena Heady of Game of Thrones-fame. Imagine if Queen Cersei was less into incest and sheer self-interest and more into evil world domination in a post-apocalyptic future, and you're there.

The director's most notable credit includes the repetitive crime thriller, Vantage Point, and the writer brought us the London zombie epic 28 Weeks Later.

All I've learned from watching this trailer is that the best kind of punctuation is the sound of a gun cocking. I counted about five over the course of a minute-and-a-half. [YouTube via io9]

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    Well, if that isn't the most appalling The Raid: Redemption rip-off I've ever seen I don't know what is!

      Yep when I saw this my first thoughts were of The Raid. But can forgive them for ripping off if they pull it off and keep the dark atmosphere of the comics, so far the trailer looks too cheesy, hopefully its a case of the trailer not doing the film justice.

      The Raid was in pre-production while Dredd was filming. So no, it's not a rip off.

      Just to kill this before it starts, DREDD was actually filmed BEFORE Th e Raid and the script was written 2 years before THE RAID was. The idea of people trapped in an apartment block/building/tenament vs enemies is an old one. Attack the Block did it last year for instance. Die Hard did it as well. Some scenes look stunningly similair, hell, even REC 1 and 2 did it.

      The director of The Raid even puts this notion of plagiarism to bed by saying its not copied:


      lol that suit...does it run crysis?

      It was actually written and in production before The Raid.

    Sorry, couldn't get past the American spelling of "Judgment".


    Did Dredd just shove the main nemisis out the window in this trailer?

    It certainly looks that way, TC. Save the $18 you would have spent seeing it now!

    Was excited. Watched video. Burn Hollywood, Burn!

    Bloody Queen Cersei... when will her evil rule end?

      Well, I guess we know she survives GoT and lives another 3 or so thousand years eh...

    This makes Stallones Judge Dredd look like a masterpiece. This Dredd just looks like a turkey who forgot too take his helmet off - and what a shitty helmet, nearly made me fall off my seat!

    Stallone suited Judge Dredd his wooden acting suited the character while that just looked like crap

    if dredd doesnt yell "I am the law" stallone style it aint gonna be worth it.

      If there's no Rob Schnieder cameo I'm out too.

    Could be cheesy fun.

    The helmet is spot on - and they have clearly reacted to the complaints that Stallone basically never wore one.

    Looks great, perfectly suits the comic. For anyone that read them, they know what to expect from dredd. This looks to be doing it right. It's a completely OTT comic, this may actually be quite a bit more subdued than whats within those pages.
    Can't wait,, suit looks awesome, helmet too. Love it.

      To get all hipster about it.....the general public just won't "get it"
      Dredd's a real prick of the highest order BUT the best guy to have around you when it hits the fan.

      It's gritty like the comic, but not British enough. The actor playing Dredd can't quite do his fake American accent well enough anyway.

    For a second I really thought this was going to do the comic justice but it is still way off. Not going to totally stamp all over it's balls just yet, but there is something not right.
    Straight of the cuff the buildings look to spaced out and to small, but that's coming from a 2000 A.D fan-boy.
    Anyway you can't expect everything to be spot on ( or can you ).
    I'd love to see some money thrown at this character and a CGied up story with Judge Death, keep dreaming.

    For almost like 2 mins I forgot to breathe...

    Looks decent, what shocked me was there was slo-mo and no dub step. WTF. A trailer with Slo-mo shots and no Wub Wub? What is the world coming to?

    Man, And here i was thinking "At last! a real reboot, not a B grade letdown!"

    Such a shame its MORE b grade than the original almost was!

    I'll give this one a miss i reckon.

    I'm pretty sure the last scene of a women being 'defrenistrated' just completely gave away the ending?
    Hope I'm wrong?

    It's funny reading back considering how positive the reviews for this film have been so far.

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