Domino's Pizza Circulatory System Is Fascinating To Watch

New York is a titanic animal made of more than eight quadrillion hungry cells. Cells that love delivered food — any kind, any time of the day or night. This video shows part of its food network — its pizza circulatory system.

If you've ever lived in New York City, you know that you can order virtually any type of delicious food you can imagine from anywhere in the city. Every day, thousands of delivery people swoosh across the city's food circulatory system that keeps its cells fed.

This animated visualisation only shows a little fraction of that system, tracking the movements of Domino's Pizza delivery people using GPS. Then it zooms out to show Domino's franchise delivery network for the north east. And then it goes one step further and shows the entire network of GPS-controlled trucks that bring the basic ingredients all across the United States, which has its heart in California's Central Valley, "where nearly 50 per cent of America's fruits, nuts and vegetables are grown." [America Revealed in PBS via The World's Best Ever via Laughing Squid]

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