Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver To Be Made Into Universal Remote

If you're a Time Lord who needs something fixed, it's a quick zap of the trusty Sonic Screwdriver and you're set. Soon, amateur Time Agents will be able to emulate the Doctor at home with their own Sonic Screwdriver universal remote currently in production.

The Wand Company has teamed up with BBC Entertainment to turn the Doctor's number one gadget into something you can use as you relax on your your favourite blue, time-travelling couch.

It will apparently transmit via infrared and trigger commands based on gestures. An up and down motion will reportedly change channels, while a flick of the wrist in a circular motion will change the volume.

Needless to say, I want this in my life. []

Image: Tony Buser, CC BY-SA2.0


    This is GENIUS!

    pretty cool idea... though i would like to have the master's laser screwdriver.. even if it does blow up my tv hehe

    No no no no no... that would be so bad. If it's going to be gesture-based that should have made it Harry Potter's Wand. The doctor doesn't make gestures to make the sonic screwdriver do its thing!

      They already did make a gesture based Harry Potter wand.
      They're now just adding to the range with the sonic screwdriver.

    We got our 8yo daughter one of those Sonic Screw drivers pictured!! she loves it!!

    otherwise it sounds a little tacky haha

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