Disney's Wreck-It Ralph: If Tron And Toy Story Had An Adorable Baby

Remember those 8-bit arcade games you loved so much as a kid? Disney's got a movie coming out this November called Wreck-It Ralph that imagines what the characters are getting into when you're not feeding these machines quarters. Today it released the first trailer, and it's a blast.

It centres on Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly), a smash-happy villan that doesn't want to be the bad guy anymore. Frustrated with the job he's been doing for three decades, Ralph escapes his pixelated world and jumps into a first-person shooter and chaos ensues. Though most of the characters are completely imagined, they seem to be based on titles you've probably played — Donkey Kong, Halo and others. Then again, there are some you'll recognise, like Zangiff and a Pac-Man ghost. It's a light-hearted, nostalgic journey through the various styles and aesthetics of different games — kind of a similar concept as Toy Story, but for gaming. [MSN via Gawker]

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