Disguising Your Stun Gun As A Smartphone Won't Help You Beat Security Scanners

This one should really fall in the "wow, are people really that dumb?" category — but then, yeah, folks are really that dumb. The US TSA notes that last week, somebody tried to smuggle a stun gun on board a plane disguised as a smart phone. I'm not exactly sure what peaceful uses you could have for a stun gun on a plane — no, knocking out that noisy guy sitting next to you does not count, no matter how tempting — but it bears repeating. You know that big scanner machine that everything but your body goes through before you get on the plane? It scans everything. That's the sole purpose of that machine. Don't try to bring stun guns on the plane in the first place — you won't succeed.

Also of note (but sadly removed from the blog, albeit repeated in the site's comments section), apparently not-so-canny smugglers also tried to shift 2kgs of cocaine through checked baggage:

"After alarming our Explosive Detection System in checked baggage, officers at Mercedita (PSE) took a closer look at a game console and discovered two kilos of cocaine concealed inside."

You heard it here first, people. PCs? Nah. Consoles are dope. [TSA Blog]

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