Crash-Safe Toy Heli Always Lands Rotors Up

A few weeks ago, we brought news of an experimental robot helicopter deliberately designed to crash without breaking. But what the researchers seemingly didn't realise is that Air Hogs had beat them to it with the company's Heli Cage toy that shrugs off crashes and always lands ready for takeoff.

The not-so-secret is a plastic roll cage surrounding the chopper's main rotor and fuselage. So when you inevitably bump into a wall or the ceiling, the impact of the spinning blades isn't going to send the helicopter careening across the room. And when it lands in a less-than-graceful fashion, the Heli Cage is designed to automatically right itself so you don't have to go rescue the toy before its next flight. Totally worth the $US40 since it pretty much guarantees the helicopter will still be flyable a few days after its maiden voyage. [Air Hogs]


    this has its place for the ultra-casual, but for me putting my indoor RC chopper back together after colliding into the ceiling fan/spouse/boxer dog is half the fun.

    splashing it makes you learn the mechanics and limitations of your helo very quickly. prepares you for the realities of owning a serious RC variable-pitch helo - if you don't like the engineering and maintenance side, then it's not for you.

    (double take) This is not a twin rotor, no tail rotor, clearly no swash plate for variable pitch? How does this work?


      It has a black tail rotor, if you check the Air hogs website and compare the two images of the chopper you see the black tail rotor in different postitions. As for the swash plate it seems that the main rotos also tilts in the direction of travel.

      Yes there IS a tail rotor.
      You can see the motor hanging at the rear. Though the tail rotor itself is hard to spot.
      The sorcery is all in your mind. :)

      2 channel. UP/DOWN, LEFT /RIGHT. Constant FWD flight due to CG, Note tiny horizontal tail rotor ie L/R

      The is a tail rotor, it is just hard to see in this picture.

    I find this your lack of tail rotor...disturbing!

      If you already didn't notice by now, there IS one.
      It's a little too hard to spot, though.

    I have a tail rotor but it looks nothing like that one. Mine is also hard to spot though :(

    yep it is soo good that it flys in a death spirroll no matter how much ykou push the trim button it is one cooll tornadow

    Will be taking this back as soon as possible. It cannot be controlled. It just spins out of control no matter how much I adjust the trim making a remote controlled helicopter not controllable. I saw on some other reviews that their is no gyro in this helicopter. If that is the case someone really messed up as every single helicopter ever made needs a gyro to have a stable flight. I've only had this for about 5 hours and I am already returning it. Please do better airhogs

    What a piece of junk, it just spins in a circle and can not be trimed! Seems you can not take it back to the retailer, your just out of 40 bucks! How do they stay in buisness?????

    I agree! This was a late present that was purchased back in November. This will be going back!!! Totally spins out of control. Being a girl I was really expecting something pretty cool for my first heli. BS......

    I wonder if the SpinMaster Company is willing to do a recall on this Heli.

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