Collapsible Laidback Lounger Is Perfectly Angled For Lazy Campfire Nights

Camping chairs usually put their folding functionality before comfort, resulting in a seat that's easy to transport but not ideal for lazy weekend lounging. The Mantis perfectly blends both form and function with a laidback design that packs away small enough to stash in a backpack.

At $US120, you'll be paying a premium for the seat that weighs less than a kilo, but when assembled it can support campers up to 113kg, providing what looks to be the most comfortable spot to kick back in at any campsite. And if you run out of bunks or sleeping bags, we're pretty sure it wouldn't take much to doze off in this recliner. After all, isn't the real reason for camping to sleep through mother nature's majesty?

[Alite Designs via The Awesomer]

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