Cinemas Should Be Like This

I love this movie theatre layout. It would be my favourite cinema ever. Wait, no. My favourite cinema would have seats that would open into a pit full of hungry sharks in the case people talked out loud, texted or chewed with their mouths open.

Ooooooh yes, indeed.

And then show footage of the sharks eating the people at the end of the movie. A friendly reminder!

Anyway, check out the complete cartoon at The Oatmeal

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    Problem is that you would have people from outside the dome queueing up to fill the dome with sarin gas... You would miss the movie again... Dang!

    The last time I went to a cinema to see The Avengers some guy was eating chips for an hour and a fucking half,I didn't know chips came in such huge packets and this group of people were laughing at all the jokes they must have seen 10 times in the trailers/adds.
    Never again, unless it's foreplay on a date.

    When I saw men in black 3 I swear there was some kindergarten group in there or something cos those kids were yelling and screaming all over the place.

    Got to the drive-in, no need to put up with jerks unless you invite them into your car.

    sweet, how long does it take to drive to 1956?

      If you live in Sydney, there is one in Blacktown

      You have recieved one admittence to the dome.

    Hence i rarely watch any movies by going to the theatre, i rather watch it at home by rentals, dont care if im watching it 3-4 monts later

    I remember when I went and saw Battleship some teenager yelled out "Weeeee" when the guy got knocked back by the forcefield thing. It was about the 3rd time he yelled out something smart.

    I turn around to say something to him but the guy sitting behind him had his jumbo cup of pepsi on a 45 degree angle above his head. Another comment came out of his mouth and needles to say, he vacated the cinema looking a bit Pepsi-fied. LOL. Best part was, everyone thought he was a target for popcorn when he walked down the stairs dripping in pepsi. It was like a cinema grade tarring and feathering. ROFL.

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