Chrome And Google Drive Coming To iOS

Google announced at day two of I/O that Chrome is finally coming to the iPhone and iPad. If you've been waiting for the browser, you'll be glad to know you can download it this afternoon.

It's the same Chrome you know and love, including tab sharing, password sync and incognito mode. It works pretty much as you'd expect — when you want to switch tabs, you just swipe one aside.

It's about time Google's browser has come to iOS, and we can't wait to give it a try. Check back later today for our hands-on impressions.

Google also took the lid off Google Drive for iPhone and iPad, which you should see in the App Store later today.



    They're there now.

    There now, but down the bottom of the list when you search for it.

    Nice to have an alternative to safari, but I'm still a fan of firefox and am trying to resist the move to chrome everything.

    Does this mean Flash on iOS?
    (Chrome has Flash baked in for Desktops)

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