Cheap Pen Lets You Create Sweet Light Drawings -- No Skill Required

With its new multicoloured LED penlight, Tomy's created a neat little app and hardware combo that lets anyone easily create those cool long-exposure light drawings. You don't need an expensive DSLR or even photography skills beyond pressing a shutter button.

On the hardware side, the penlight can cycle through 27 different colours letting users fully explore their creative sides. And it can also flash for creating dotted lines, or slowly fade between colours for creating gradients. But while it can't make up for a lack of artistic talent, its free companion camera app does make up for a lack of photography skills. Users don't even have to know what shutter speed is to snap a long exposure shot of someone sketching in the darkness. They just have to know how to aim the camera and press a single button. Not too shabby for just $US30 when it hits the market sometime around November. [DigInfo TV]

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