Beautiful Items Of The Week: Hot Rod Docks, Stained-Plexiglas Water Tower And More

Beautiful Items Of The Week: Hot Rod Docks, Stained-Plexiglas Water Tower And More

We’ve got a bunch of gorgeous things to show you this week. A two-legged desk, a giant staircase building, an island home and so much more make up the most beautiful items of the week.

This Desk Only Needs Two Legs

When you think about it, a two-legged desk makes sense. Most of us cram our home workspace up against a wall or into a corner anyway, so why even bother with two legs that are rather redundant? More >> [clear]

The Desk You’re Actually Encouraged to Scribble On

If you’re a brainstormer or prone to compulsive list-making, Miguel Mestre’s My Desk is probably your type of design object. Centred around a giant 100cm x 70cm sketchpad, the desk will let you go back to the drawing board again, and again, and again, and again. More >>[clear]

The Hot Rod of iPhone Speaker Docks Is Actually Made From Hot Rod Parts

Far too many speaker docks for Apple products are boring black boxes. These hand-built aluminium docks shaped like the exhaust pipes from hot rods are some of the most creative we’ve seen in a while. More >>[clear]

Stained-Plexiglas Water Tower Illuminates the Sky In In Dazzling Colour

There are approximately 1000 pieces of salvaged New York City plexiglas mounted on the steel structure of artist Tom Fruin’s newest sculpture, an 8m by 3m patchwork water tower set atop a collection of artist’s studios in Brooklyn. It’s called, simply, Watertower. More >> [clear]

House Made of Chain Mail Can Survive Rocks, Swords, Flaming Arrows

Chain mail is something generally associated with medieval-era warriors. But as a material for modern architecture, it’s not so much the first thing that comes to mind, not to mention implemented in designs. That’s why seeing it put into use as part of the Kukje Gallery in Seoul is pretty awesome. More >> [clear]

The Staircase a Giant Could Climb — And You Can Live In

The Mercedes House is a 30-storey residential building under construction in New York City. With steps heading towards the sky, it’s the closest we’ve gotten yet to a real-life Stairway to Heaven. More >> [clear]

This Eco-Friendly New Zealnd Home Is Powered Entirely by the Sun

Great Barrier House, built by Crosson, Clarke and Carnachan in New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island, is a sustainable solar-powered home constructed of sustainably sourced timber in deference to its ecologically sensitive island surroundings. More >> [clear]