Canada To Start Recording Conversations At Border Checkpoints, Airports

One more for sound, eh? According to the Ottowa Citizen, the Canadian border protection agency, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), is set to start recording audio and video of passengers and employees at the country's airports to improve security.

Other than the audio and video quality cited by the Ottowa Citizen, it's unclear how these devices will be different from typical CCTV surveillance. The CBSA says it's all about improving "border integrity, infrastructure, asset security and health and safety".

It's not a bad idea though, especially considering that a report in 2008 found that 58 crime groups were believed to be operating and luring staff over to the dark side within major airports in Canada.

Privacy notices will be put up to let people around the terminal know they're under the watchful eyes in the sky, but that's unlikely to set everyone at ease.

An amazing byproduct of this move, however, might be the world's first completely silent airport. Please let it be so. [Ottowa Citizen via The Verge]

Image: Steve Meller

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