Cafe Set Lets You Enjoy Your Normal Morning Routine In The Wilderness

If you don't want to sacrifice style next time you trade your home for a weekend in a tent, you might like this swank titanium cafe kit. For $US125, you won't be stuck drinking crappy instant coffee made over a camping stove.

Instead, you'll be sipping on Stumptownn java out of a from a French press, and you won't have to skip your frothed milk. You could also chop up some fruit to go with your coffee, because the set comes with a folding natural wood chopping board that also houses a Japanese stainless steel knife. At just 179 grams, the set is very light too. So the next time you decide to trek out in to the wilderness, you won't have to ditch all the fancy comforts of your own kitchen. [Nau]

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