Brazen Thieves Attempt To Rob Moving Truck

This is all kinds of crazy, scary, ridiculous and downright unbelievable: this video purportedly shows thieves attempting to rob a truck while it's barrelling down some highway in Romania.

The video almost looks CG at times, but it was apparently shot from afar by the country's Department for Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) using specialised camera equipment. It shows the gang's vehicle sneaking up behind the truck, and once it's in position, one of the passengers (who presumably drew the short straw that morning) climbs out of the sunroof and onto the hood while another holds his legs. Using special tools, the thief then cuts the lock and opens the truck's back doors only to find nothing worth pinching, so the gang aborts its Ocean's 11-like stunt.

Apparently, this isn't the first time the gang has used this highway-robbery trick. That's why the DIICOT was filming this latest attempt, instead of trying to foil it, in a continued attempt to build a case against the perpetrators. [YouTube via Nothing To Do With Arbroath]


    Bugger, I really wanted to see him get splattered all over the road...

      If a driver looked in the mirrors and just saw the end of the car he may be tempted to suddenly brake to teach the person not to tailgate. Would be a messed up result.

        Incidentally it's incredibly dangerous and stupid to "teach someone not to tailgate" by slamming in your breaks, just as it is dangerous to tailgate in the first place.

        A good way to do it is to touch the brakes with your left foot while keeping the accelerator down with your right. You don't lose much speed, but you often see the bonnet of their car dip furiously from heavy braking when they think you're braking. Works a charm!

    They do realize that it's easier to break in to the truck once it has stopped yeah?

    And really, what the hell where they going to steal? A Piano? Good luck getting that through the sunroof!



    This is why you shouldn't get Super High and watch the "fast and the furious"
    Stupid ideas will happen
    This has been a PSA by the "Really?! You like Vin Diesel... As an actor?" Foundation

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