Blanco Sandstone Coaster Review: The Cure For Condensation

Blanco Sandstone Coaster Review: The Cure For Condensation

Condensation is a vile byproduct of an icy drink. It’s unpleasant in the hand and devastating to wood surfaces. You must use a coaster, but the condensation is so strong its surface tension lifts most coasters right off the bar. Then again, the Blanco Sandstone Coaster is not like most coasters.

What Is It?2> It’s a coaster. Use it. Like your mother told you.

Who’s It For?2> Thirsty guzzlers for whom no water is too icy, no beer too cold.


It’s a porous, hydrophilic 4-inch (10sqcm) square rock with four foam feet at each corner. It leaves no scratches as it slides across furniture. It sucks condensation from the base of a frosty glass. It is a triumph of geologic engineering. Or it’s just a rock. Whatever. It works really well.

Using It

Fill a glass with the best ice cubes of all time. Go crazy. Clear out the freezer. Pour a drink. Centre the drinking glass directly on top of the coaster between sips.

The Best Part

It doesn’t stick to the bottom of the glass every time you take a drink. Use this coaster, and you will never again stoop to retrieve a sopping disk that has once again fallen to the floor.

Tragic Flaw

The coaster can only absorb so much condensation. Past the saturation point, dry-out times can be quite lengthy.

This Is Weird…

No matter how many of these you have lying around, you still have to tell guests to use them.

Test Notes

  • The wide rimless base accommodates large-diameter glasses and frosty mugs.
  • The coaster cannot effectively catch drips from a leaking flower pot.
  • The glass itself can sometimes retain and deliver a single, shockingly cold drip of condensation. This is especially surprising, but not altogether unpleasant, when drinking bare-chested on a hot afternoon.

Should You Buy It?2> Unless you prefer lukewarm drinks or decorate your furniture with discoloured rings, yes.

Blanco Sandstone Coasters specs

• Price: $13.20 for 4 • Material: sandstone and foam • Size: 4 inches x 4 inches (10cm x 10cm)