Blanco Sandstone Coaster Review: The Cure For Condensation

Condensation is a vile byproduct of an icy drink. It's unpleasant in the hand and devastating to wood surfaces. You must use a coaster, but the condensation is so strong its surface tension lifts most coasters right off the bar. Then again, the Blanco Sandstone Coaster is not like most coasters.

What Is It? It's a coaster. Use it. Like your mother told you.

Who's It For? Thirsty guzzlers for whom no water is too icy, no beer too cold.


It's a porous, hydrophilic 4-inch (10sqcm) square rock with four foam feet at each corner. It leaves no scratches as it slides across furniture. It sucks condensation from the base of a frosty glass. It is a triumph of geologic engineering. Or it's just a rock. Whatever. It works really well.

Using It

Fill a glass with the best ice cubes of all time. Go crazy. Clear out the freezer. Pour a drink. Centre the drinking glass directly on top of the coaster between sips.

The Best Part

It doesn't stick to the bottom of the glass every time you take a drink. Use this coaster, and you will never again stoop to retrieve a sopping disk that has once again fallen to the floor.

Tragic Flaw

The coaster can only absorb so much condensation. Past the saturation point, dry-out times can be quite lengthy.

This Is Weird...

No matter how many of these you have lying around, you still have to tell guests to use them.

Test Notes

  • The wide rimless base accommodates large-diameter glasses and frosty mugs.
  • The coaster cannot effectively catch drips from a leaking flower pot.
  • The glass itself can sometimes retain and deliver a single, shockingly cold drip of condensation. This is especially surprising, but not altogether unpleasant, when drinking bare-chested on a hot afternoon.

Should You Buy It? Unless you prefer lukewarm drinks or decorate your furniture with discoloured rings, yes.

Blanco Sandstone Coasters specs

• Price: $13.20 for 4 • Material: sandstone and foam • Size: 4 inches x 4 inches (10cm x 10cm)

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