Weird Qualcomm Video Shows How Crappy Its Mobile Chips Are At Melting Butter

Benchmarks? Old school. Thermal imaging? Totally last year. No, if you want to prove just how awesome your mobile CPUs are in 2012, you stick a cube of butter on them and watch how fast they melt.

Clearly, it's not performance being tested here, but efficiency and heat output. Qualcomm's Snapdragon S4 is on the right, with two competing products on the left. It appears the model on the far left is Exynos 4210, used in the Samsung Galaxy S II, while the middle device is a TI OMAP 4430, found in the Motorola RAZR.

Watching this video reminded me of an old clip filmed by Tom's Hardware, showing AMD's lack of thermal protection for its processors on its now-ancient Socket A Athlons. Fortunately, CPU manufacturers as a whole have come a long way since those dangerous days and although some processors can get very hot without their heatsinks, they won't self-destruct (usually).

[YouTube, via Phandroid]



    Lol its not a downside its a feature of the competitors. I am gonna make the butter-melt app, for those time when you need some melted butter but don't have a stove.

    EG: at the cinema with a block of butter and want to melt it on ur popcorn... but how? Butter-melt app :P

      I have aways wanted to add extra butter to my popcorn in the cinema with ease. I normally hold it in my hand and by the end of the movie it has half melted, and the popcorn is cold.

        So I take it you're not going to buy a Qualcomm-equipped phone for the job?

    Jokes on you :) We have better hand warmers in winter!


    I love my Desire for its Butter melting ability. If it can't melt butter, then I don't want it!

      Desire is an awesome butter melter!

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