BenQ’s New Projectors And Screens Have Some Weird Applications

BenQ’s New Projectors And Screens Have Some Weird Applications

This week we took a look at BenQ’s new range of projectors. Everything was represented, from 3D monsters to tiny iPhone-docking projectors, right through to a touchscreen smart board that is being used in a sex shop of all places.

The catchily named TL650 interactive, 55- to 65-inch panel board is designed for small, collaborative office environments, but BenQ says that the weirdest place they’ve seen it used is in a sex shop, where apparently it’s being used for people to look at new toys and other merchandise and get virtual demonstrations. It’s $9,999, and it’s almost clever enough to decipher both mine and Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman’s handwriting.


BenQ also showed off the $699 GP2, a personal projector that comes with a built-in iPhone and iPod dock so you can play your media without having to worry about cables. It’s also got a slew of other ports for SD cards and additional display support if you’re not the iDevice type.

The thing is battery-powered too, but it only runs for about 90-minutes from a full charge, pretty disappointing considering that you’ll be out of juice before the third-act of The Avengers kicks off. I understand it’s got a lot to power, but if it can’t last for two to three hours, why even give it a battery?

BenQ’s flagship for the season is the W7000, a projector that supports 3D and Blu-Ray playback. It’s nice and bright, but the only problem is that you’ll need to purchase additional sets of active 3D glasses if you want to share the viewing experience with friends or family. Considering that projectors are typically meant for larger home theatres that you’ll be using with other people, the fact that you’ll be spending an extra $100 or so on glasses every person you want to have over might be a bridge too far for some. Especially considering that you spent $3499 on the projector to start with.