Belkin's @TV Is Coming To Australia

Belkin's answer to Google TV and cloud-based entertainment, @TV, is set to arrive in Australia soon, but what is it exactly?

The @TV box connects to your TV like any smart PVR would, but it also comes equipped with a Wi-Fi module that you can use to connect it to your mobile device and stream content directly from the box to any device.

It's going to cost $US149.99 when it launches in North America in mid-July. No word on local pricing yet but Belkin did tell us that they're bringing to Australia.

If the price is the same locally it slots it in nicely between the Apple TV, the Google TV from Sony and the new Nexus Q (which is still US-only).

More details as we get them.



    The main feature I'd be interested to know about is whether it can playback media from remote sources, such as a local PC or a harddrive connected to a router. If it cannot do that then the majority of people wont be interested in it (the same way the Apple TV2 sucked and didn't sell too well until a jailbreak was released, at which point the units flew off the shelves).

    Much like every service of this nature, I can guarantee it will suck in Australia to the point of bringing it over is a massive waste of time.

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