Behind The Scenes On The Google Glasses Skydive

Months of planning went into the stunt that saw skydivers throw themselves out of an aircraft above San Francisco while streaming their plunge live via Google Glasses. You'll have to wait a lot longer than that to get a pair of Google Glasses of your own, but you can watch the making-of video right now.

Google Glass produces some truly beautiful video. Watching a skydiver in a T-shirt hold a conversation with his friend while falling to the earth in beautiful high-resolution video is something really special.


    So its basically a GoPro?

      with the big quality difference throughout the video i would suggest most of that footage is from an actual gopro... not the glasses.... just saying...

    I'm sceptical. Most of that footage looks better than even a GoPro or Contour can put out...

      And correct me if I'm wrong but the size of the Glass camera shouldn't be able to cope with sun glare and changing light conditions that easily...

    It is THE MAKING OF not the event, so they have probably used a variety of cameras.

    her's the actual event video!

    You can tell a gimmick product, they demo it with a gimmick.

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