Australia Has A Crowdsourced Beer

After thousands of votes and over 100 different test batches, Australia now has its first crowdsourced beer range.

It's called Arvo and it's brewed in Griffith, NSW by Casella -- the same mob behind Yellow Tail wine and various others.

The brewer decided on the two beers -- Arvo 34 and Arvo 51 -- after running a sizable social and mobile survey campaign that asked Australia's drinkers what they like in a lager.

Arvo 34 is the stronger of the two with a more bitter aftertaste, while Arvo 51 is the paler, sweeter counterpart. Each six-pack has three of each and now Casella wants us all to vote again over the next 12 weeks on which should stay and which should go.

It's priced as a premium beer at $18.99 for a 6-pack and $49.95 for a case. That makes it a few dollars more expensive than some larger international beers like Corona, for example.

I've gone the extra mile today and tasted the two beers (for science, mind) and I can report that the softer Arvo 51 has my vote. It's all a matter of personal preference though because of my penchant for cider, and a drink that doesn't leave me turning my mouth about with a bitter aftertaste.

Having said all that, Arvo's still not enough to turn me into a regular, red-blooded beer drinker. I'll stick with cider, I think.

What's your brew, dear reader, and would you drink a crowdsourced beer?

Tune in tomorrow for a look behind the scenes at Casella's brand new brewery.

Luke Hopewell travelled to Griffith as a guest of Casella.


    Crowdsourcing is nothing more than a cheap marketing ploy. It determines what is popular, not what is good. My new favourite beer is Vale Drk (not a typo). It is the most amazing beer I have ever tasted (and I have tasted a lot of beer), with a complex taste to challenge any wine-taster's palate. Despite being an Australian beer, from MacLaren Vale in SA, it is more expensive than $50 a case and it comes in 4-packs, not 6-packs. I made the conscious decision that I would rather have a 4-pack of Drk than a 6-pack of any other beer I can think of, which has successfully offset the extra cost. A few pubs in Sydney have Vale Ale on tap, which is nearly as good (although it and Vale Dry are very gassy in bottles). They have also just released an IPA but that is packaged in pink, so I won't be drinking it.

      So if the most amazing beer in the world came in a colour you didn't like you'd not drink it? It wouldn't make the beer any less drinkable...

      Crowdsourcing lets people have a say in what they like about a product... The most popular items will always be the ones which are sold. Your taste may be niche but that doesn't mean anyone should be mass producing beer than "MotorMouth" likes for everyone else to drink.. Get a grip mate. Your opinion of "Good Beer" and actual good beer are clearly two different things.

        But it wouldn't would it? Clearly it is not being marketed to drinkers like me, or it wouldn't be pink. Its also an IPA, which beer for non-beer drinkers, so the packaging matches the style.

        And, for the record, I have yet to find anyone who isn't blown away by Drk, whether they consider themselves a dark beer drinker or not. And this article is hardly about a drink for everyone, it is clearly a niche product. OTOH, I'd be very surprised if it was as good as mass market beers like Tooheys Old or Boags Draught.

          what part about an IPA makes it for non-beer drinkers? i know many, many big beer drinkers that prefer the extra hoppiness of a nice IPA
          and i wouldn't say vale IPA is an IPA anyway, its more like stone and wood's pacific ale due to it being very passionfruity.

            I drink beers that haven't even been brewed yet. Thats how niche my taste is.

              "I drink beers in which the barley hasn't even been malted yet"

              Getting snobby is against everything beer is about, but I do agree that once you start drinking craft beer, it is hard to go back to the mass produced lagers being produced by foreign owned companies. Despite saying that, I still like a New or Old every now and again. Also, Coopers are also mass produced, but they still create excellent beers.

              The Vale IPA is an excellent beer, and so what if it is a bit fruity? If we're being technical the fact it's an "American" IPA means it has a different, and probably more flexible recipe than your English and Imperial IPAs, because I'm pretty sure (but please correct me) they weren't shipping beers from Boston to Bombay back in the day. And it's really not that passionfruity.

            IPAs have completely lost their meaning, unfortunately. They are absolute hipster beers now, not the almost over-the-top hoppiness of traditional IPAs.

            Passionfruity IPA? Count me the hell out.

    This whole activity was a fail in my eyes when they restricted it to a Lager...

    Looking into it, they are basically taking the average of what everyone is drinking, and yet they claim, “Our beer is in the premium segment and it will be giving a taste profile that others aren’t filling,” Mr Casella said.

    Surely that is an oxymoron?

      While some of know there is more to the beer world than lager, it seems 73% of the responses their app received were for lagers (results are published on their site). From a business point of view, it's sensible to start with a high selling product that the unwashed masses will buy.

      Also, not all lagers are rubbish. (give me an Ale any day)

    can any beer loving reader tell me what the most expensive beer in the world is?

    I can remember reading an article a few years back that some Cambridge students were replicating a recipe found in a pyramid/egypt - they were calling the beer "pharoah"? (check this, don't quote)
    and these were allegedly selling at about $50/bottle...

    Throw facts at me people! what is the wiorld's most expensive beer?

      **** world- not wiorld.

        Most expensive was an Aussie Beer. Nail Ale - $800. Mind you it was made from water from the Antarctic

      Crown Ambassador Reserve will set you back ~$90 a bottle. I'm sure there's much more expensive stuff available internationally:

        brewdog end of history sold for $765/bottle

    Cider drinker reviewing beer, hmm.... Wish I could test beer for work! I'll check my local and see if they have any otherwise perhaps Dan's.

    Not the most expensive but perhaps some of the best and most exclusive beer in the world is brewed by the monks of St. Sixtus Westvleteren Abbey Belgium.

      indeed... i begged the publican at a bar in Brugge to sell me one of his prized beers.. he did!

    Venue and place is a big factor on cost when it comes to run of the mill beers.

    A chance to design your own and then voted from the short-list.

    And it wasn't a lager.

    I probably unlike everyone else who commented, have actually tried the beer, and I'm not a big beer drinker, I prefer wine, but this arvo is amazing. Best beer I've ever had, and I have tried quite a few.. I prefer the 51 though, but my g/f liked 34, but apparently they might make both. Either way this is a beer I would actually buy!

    I was a participant in the perfect lager project, (referred through soup) and I have just received a free case of beer in the mail for doing so. Looking forward to trying it with dinner tonight!

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