Asus Taichi: Ultrabook In Front, Tablet In The Back

For those who can't decide between an ultrabook's handy QWERTY keyboard, and a slim tablet's touchscreen UI, Asus has just revealed a hybrid, double-duty display solution. Wait a second: Business in front, party in the back? That sounds awfully familiar.

Asus is showing prototypes of the convertible tablet/laptop/mullet at Computex 2012, but when the device eventually goes on sale sometime this year, it will be available in two configurations with either dual 11.6-inch or 13.3-inch displays. Open its clamshell design, and you're looking at your standard ultrabook configuration. Close it up, though, and you've got access to a tablet display. Such is Windows 8!

Both screens will also include built-in cameras, full 1920x1080 HD resolutions, but only the outside display will feature touchscreen functionality. You can also use both displays simultaneously, if you want to send secretive messages to whoever's sitting across from you on the train.

Promised to be as light and thin as Asus' Zenbook, the Taichi will be powered by an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor, pack 4GB RAM with a speedy SSD drive, and include dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi. [Asus]



    Love it, but I'm presuming having two displays is going to kill the price and weight.

    That could be really cool for small meetings where you don't need a projector, but want to demo something. I am betting that using both displays will kill the battery life.

      how often would you honestly be using both screens? if you are using only one at a time it shouldnt have much of an effect on battery life at all

      price, weight and bulk on the other hand...

    Only the outside screen is a touch screen? Ill pass then.
    Have you tried Windows 8 on a laptop with a touchpad? Terrible!

      No worse than anything else with a touchpad and better than Win7. To me this seems like the perfect, no compromise solution - a tablet when its shaped like a tablet and a laptop when its shaped like a laptop with pretty much no overlap. By using two screens it means one can stay completely free of fingerprints and greasy marks, which is absolutely essential to my work.

      Agreed Warcroft, we really dropped the ball on Win 8 ... using it on a PC with a touch pad or mouse can only be described as painful

        Why? How? It is exactly the same as using anything else with a mouse and keyboard (or trackpad), using scroll-bars to let you get around. There is completely and utterly no difference whatsoever.

          during our hands on testing the Metro UI was unintuitive and made the entire kiosk experience difficult to move around in. We admittedly only had limited time to test the release, but in the brief time we had a system set up for testing 99% of the client base we used turned a decisive thumbs down on Win 8. Sorry MM its just the users don't like it.

            What sort of a kiosk uses a mouse and keyboard? You are clearly just making stuff up. It may not have occurred to you but I am a user, one with hundreds of hours on Windows 8, and the reality is that if you want to use it for mouse and keyboard tasks, it is EXACTLY like Win7, even when you are using Metro apps. There is not one task that is harder because of Metro, not one, yet Metro makes a lot of things much easier than they are in Win7.

              Stop confusing them with logic and well grounded reasoning damn it MotorMouth!!!

        I'm guessing you haven't tried it with a newer capacitive touchpad?

        Lots of gestures to make it easy to use. None of these new computers will have nasty old touchpads.

      Agreed, what a silly thing to do. Windows 8 on a touch screen tablet but you cant use it the way it was designed because they borked one of the screens, very sill indeed.

        What? It runs x86 CPUs, so you will have ll desktop, which means you will have one screen for Metro and another for the deskop, which sounds like the perfect device for Windows 8 to me.

    I think I just met my next computer, assuming they stick with the Sandforce SSD my current one has.

    I can just imagine myself forgetting that the inside screen is not a touch screen and sitting there poking it, wondering why it doesn't work.
    Seems like a real waste to have two screens.. I personally think one screen with a rotating screen is good enough.

    I'd prefer a single screen and a twist and fold design.

    but only 4 gig??!!

      Yeah that's what i was thinking. I don't really need the second screen if i can just swivel one around or fold it back. The Transformer design would suit me fine too though :)

    Really?? I don't like this at all.. I like the transformer/eee-slider "ideas" but this.. no.. don't like it.

    I really like the dual-screen idea and that ASUS is once again innovating with design and form factor, but this lacks the elegance of the Lenovo Yoga.

      What I don't like about the Yoga is that when it is in tablet mode, they keyboard and trackpad are exposed on the underside, so you'd have to be very, very careful when putting it down. It could also make it awkward to hold, although I imagine the keyboard and trackpad would be disabled when you hinge the lid all the way back. Still, it is not at all elegant from where I'm sitting.

    I don't understand why when it is opened that the touch screen on outside doesn't turn off.
    That would solve higher battery drain. Or will there this be an optional setting for this?

      It does, unless you enable both. Listen to what the guy has to say in the video.

    It's be good if the tablet part could rotate out and to the side so its like portable dual monitors

    Why not have two screen which are both facing inwards, one can be a touch screen full keyboard? Memory needs to be at least 8 md and a 500 HDD and at least 4 usb ports.....

      If it worked like that it wouldn't be a tablet, woudl it? The idea is two form-factors in one device, which makes sense. And what, pray tell, do you do that requires "8 md " of RAM? I do a lot of hugely intensive things on my PC, like HD video editing and 3D animation, and 4Gb is more than enough for all my needs. I also have an 8 port USB 3 hub that means one USB port is more than sufficient. The trade-off between size/portability and over-catering for krap like that is well worth it and a hub is a decent alternative to a port replicator. i.e. It enhances portability.

        By name by nature - do you have anything positive about what anyone say, no. I don't want to carry a hub or other equipment where ever I go. Other point, this is not a tablet - it's a tablet in front and ultrabook, thanks for your krap!

          Why would I bother agreeing with points already made? It only seems prudent to offer logical viewpoints based on facts and/or experience that move the discussion along, which is what I try to do. "+1" comments make it all about you - i.e. you feel that adding your name to something already said is important (it is not). I try to keep the discussion about the topic.

    This seems ideal to me, closed sitting on my desk at work, I can quickly and easily see when I get email etc, and read them without having to change configurations. When I want to actual do anything a bit more taxing I open it up and away I go.......

    Add in a 1TB Internal HDD and I'm sold.

    DAMN!!! that is a sexy piece of machinery. if only u could have a windows 7 like interface on the inner screen while having microsoft tiles (aka metro) on the touchscreen

      You can, by clicking on the Desktop tile. One click and everything is just like you are used to - all your desktop shortcuts, all your pinned icons, just as you have it all set up in Win7 or Vista now. You have nothing to fear but your own ignorance.

    Any idea when this is going on sale?

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