Asus: More Tablets, AIO And Touchscreen Ultrabooks At Computex

Asus' eye-catcher at Computex is no doubt the Taichi, but it's far from the only new product Asus is showing off, from touchscreen ultrabooks to a truly massive hybrid tablet/aio transformer. The Transformer AIO rocks an 18.4 inch multi-touch capable display that unclips from its base station, making it technically portable. Luggable is probably the more apt term there. The Transformer AIO will ship with both Windows 8 and Android depending on how you choose to use it.

On the ultrabook side, but keeping with the Transformer branding is the Transformer Book, an Ivy Bridge based Core i7 Windows 8 laptop/tablet that Asus claims is the world's thinnest — at least for now.

Computex is also where companies are really letting rip with their tablet announcements; Asus' entries in this field are the Tablet 810, a Windows 8 Intel Atom-based 11.6 inch unit, and the Tablet 600, a Tegra 3 10.1 inch unit also running Windows 8 RT.

There's no word on pricing or availability on any of Asus' goodies as yet, sadly.

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