Apple's Next iPhone Home Page Will Probably Look Like This

Get used to this. Come October, it could be Apple's home page for the entire summer. Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek has rendered new images of the new iPhone 2012 -- or iPhone 5, or, most probably just iPhone -- to make it look like bona fide Apple eye candy.

I wasn't in love with the rumoured next generation iPhone's design until I saw these images -- created in 3D using allegedly leaked photos and videos of different parts -- showing how a finished unit would look in real life.

In black, the new iPhone 2012 is very 1980s, as opposed to the 70s flavour of the current iPhone 4/4S. The two-tone black anodized aluminium is reminiscent of the old AV Sony designs of that decade -- like their first CD player.

The white model is not 80s, though. But it is prettier than the black. The aluminium and chrome unibody with the white accents have an oldschool sci-fi feel. Like an object out of Kubrick's 2001. Somewhere in Cupertino there's a HAL computer powered by an array of these things.

Martin has made the model available for $US50, so you can download it and render it with your favourite 3D program.

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The perforated grills flanking the new nano-dock port are so simple and neat -- their clean precision screams high tech.

The front is just glass, like it always have been. Putting the camera centered with all the elements of the front -- speaker grill, screen and home button -- is a small change that makes all the difference.

The chrome accents and the speaker and microphone grill look simply pimptastic, even more retro than the black model.

I hate the current white iPhone, but the two-toned aluminium and white plastic back panel on the next generation iPhone 2012 works surprisingly well.


    I am really not a fan of the two-tone back.

    Emough with the articles of renderings based on what random people want. Wait until we actually know what the damn phone will look like. I seriously doubt Apple would use the ugly two-toned back or 16:9. If anything they will bump up the screen size with the current aspect ratio, rather than alienate current iPhone owners with new apps being incompatible. Save you iPhone 6 posts for when we have more info, or ANY info.

      It almost seems as though Apple are paying websites to write articles on the next iPhone to build hype and anticipation, and moreso keep the attention away from the SGS3 and other competitor phones until they announce and release their new phone. So many pointless iPhone 5 articles all over tech blogs and news websites, its just ridiculous.

    Yuck ugly design!
    Also ios is just looking so stale

    That interface was in the WWDC keynote, it's a new app to hold all your passes, like boarding tickets or two-for-one offers at Starbuck's.

      I thought the new interface was the home screen packed full of ads.

    Passbook is going to be the application they draw focus to as the top of the page? I doubt it.

    Cluttered and ugly

    I really hope the new iPhone will not look like a stretched iPhone 4 . It looks like a bloody tv remote. Horrible looking phone. Apple will lose sales if they use a stretched iPhone 4 for the new design.

    Don't think they'll do away with the current docking conector!!!!

    They should have rounded the back out so it sits better in your hand, instead of corners digging into your palms. Also, that grill thing on the bottom is hideous. If this is what Apple expects to compete with the SIII/One X/upcoming W8 phones... boy.

    Also, take all of these with a massive grain of salt, they might simply use that teardrop design when people were speculating what turned out to be the 4S would be.

    That Passport app's colours are too amiss for it to be front page. Also still not sold on the elongated design.

    Don't know if anyone realised, but from earlier images and what Apple have done in the past - These images have the base around the wrong way
    Headphone jack is meant to be on the left as well as the smaller grille being the microphone, with the larger one on the RIGHT hand side

    Pretty big mistake for whoever made these images
    It's a reverse to ones I saw on Gizmodo a few weeks back

    Check image out above ^

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