Apple's New Maps Are Powered By TomTom

Apple's got a whole new in-house maps platform, kicking Google Maps to the kerb. Apple's even doing all its own cartography. It's just not doing all of the work itself. According to some screens that have turned up in the new Maps (which we've confirmed), TomTom is powering a large portion of the app.

It's probably just the turn-by-turn, but given the top billing it's getting, maybe not! We'll let you know if anything else turns up. [Engadget]


    And so Tom Tom scrapes and saves itself from obsolescence in a nick of time.

    So, if you upgrade to iOS6 will you be able to get Google Maps or not? Will they release (or be allowed to release) a standalone app in the iTunes store?

      Isn't one of the rules with apps is that they cannot duplicate/replicate existing iOS features? Thus meaning no Google Maps?

        Even with that, you can just go to and get some of the gMaps functionality.

    So if Tom Tom is tha basis of this new map system then its not really an in house system is it.

    I'm pretty sure thats not the case anymore given that there are dozens of media player's, email clients etc all of these either replicate and add functionality of directly compete (take JB Hifi Now streaming music service)

    Do you get to pay for your map updates too?

    According to this article the breakdown shows it using Bing Maps data.

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