Apple Maps Of Melbourne Emerge And They Look Just Awful

Screenshots of Apple's iOS 6 Maps for Melbourne emerged late last week, and they serve to reinforce our previous point: these maps look rubbish in comparison to their Google Maps counterparts.

A screenshot posted to the Melbourne subreddit shows a comparison between what Melbourne looks like in Google Maps (which is facing impending doom on iOS), and what Melbourne looks like in Apple Maps.

So how do the Apple Maps shape up in comparison? Just awful.

As we can see from the screenshots, Apple Maps seem to lack the detail that Google Maps do, leaving off important place labels, train and tram stops, suburb names and business listings, instead opting for a minimalist design that shows only major streets and pretty fonts.

I'm willing to give Apple Maps the benefit of the doubt, and hope that some layers aren't enabled in the screenshots we've seen here. If it really does look like this when iOS 6 goes gold, we'll have some problems on our hands. [Reddit via Macworld Australia]

Image: Reddit



    Just to add a couple of thinks.
    1. Most people in Gizmodo are apple haters/android fans. How abt people add what phone they own along their comments.
    2. The release note explicitly states map app is incomplete. Doesn't just say it is a beta but states very limited data is available at this stage. Unfortunate thing about gizdroid family is they don't care about the facts about apple. Not that I am saying apple maps have everything. There is a fairly good chance that if apple is not able to complete the app they would still launch it as a beta plus allow google maps through app store. There are plenty of browser apps, mail apps, mapping apps out there. So are weather etc etc. apple does allow competing apps.

    Besides the roads missing and places in the wrong location (forget the it's in miles, there American they prob didn't know an it's an easy fix) could it be deliberately simple to make there 3d function easier to implement? And to those who say dont knock it it's only a beta, yes it is a beta not an alpha release. Look the terms up there's a big difference.

    I think I'd rather the minimalistic way. I mean I'm actually getting sick if google search, although I love google, I feel like its a short stroll to the mail box out the front only to discover a hand full of junk mail every time I search these days with all those horrid ads. I've never clicked on an ad in my life and I never will even if they paid me to.

    Apple does tend to have a nack of keeping things simple and elegant, similarly like two car companies, a cheap version aka the android/google way or a sporty high end expensive version, the apple way. Or for the fashionable a stroll into target (google) or a perch at Louis Vuitton (apple). Funny that at least in the rest of the world but in AUS no it's always a battle blues vs maroons, red vs blue, labour vs liberal, Samsung vs apple.

    BTW the maps provided to apple aren't produced by apply sillies, neither are googles, they get their maps from the same mapping distributors, lol ... Do your research.

      Do you actually use an iphone and use the maps app often?

      Not sure about the map distributors, but since you've done your research about it, why dont you share your findings to us "sillies"

    More detail is not 'more good'. I'm using apple maps in the US at the moment and its great so far, I don't think I could go back to the cluttered bitmaps - obviously if the data isn't accurate though its a major problem. (Australia is a fairly irrelevant place unfortunately but doesn't mean we shouldn't have accurate maps of it! ).

    Surely Gizmodo you could get your hands on iOS6 and try it for yourself and do some meaningful analysis rather than making conjecture on screenshots?

    I'm sure it's been said before, but the thing I miss the most is the lack of street view... and worse, the mobile version of Google Maps seems to be seriously lacking in functionality (also missing street view).

    So it's beta right but coming to the mass market? If thats true, have fun beta testing for a product you paid for.

    By gods its useless!!
    Maps function not only there to serve people who drive, but serve a general purpose since it's a "map"

    I'll be sure to link a google map to the home screen then

      My ios6 version won't let me use online google maps. Links back to the new apple app.

        Shite, i wont be updating to 6 then for a longgggg time

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