Apple Maps Of Melbourne Emerge And They Look Just Awful

Screenshots of Apple's iOS 6 Maps for Melbourne emerged late last week, and they serve to reinforce our previous point: these maps look rubbish in comparison to their Google Maps counterparts.

A screenshot posted to the Melbourne subreddit shows a comparison between what Melbourne looks like in Google Maps (which is facing impending doom on iOS), and what Melbourne looks like in Apple Maps.

So how do the Apple Maps shape up in comparison? Just awful.

As we can see from the screenshots, Apple Maps seem to lack the detail that Google Maps do, leaving off important place labels, train and tram stops, suburb names and business listings, instead opting for a minimalist design that shows only major streets and pretty fonts.

I'm willing to give Apple Maps the benefit of the doubt, and hope that some layers aren't enabled in the screenshots we've seen here. If it really does look like this when iOS 6 goes gold, we'll have some problems on our hands. [Reddit via Macworld Australia]

Image: Reddit

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