Apple Maps In iOS 6 Look A Bit Rubbish In The Real World

It's tough to tell someone that they have an ugly baby. They think it's the cutest thing that's ever existed but sometimes it needs to be done. Who's going to be the one to tell Apple that their new Maps baby is ugly (if this comparison screenshot is anything to go by).

This screenshot of Kings Cross in London posted to Reddit overnight shows the difference between Google's Maps and Apple Maps. As you can see, Google Maps (pictured right) shows a rich amount of detail, right down to railway lines, river branches and side streets. Apple Maps (pictured left), however, show only a handful of streets at the same location.

We don't know if there's just a few layers or labels that haven't been turned on in this screenshot, but if this is really what it looks like when iOS 6 goes gold in a few months, it'll be a platform deal breaker for many. [Reddit]

Image: Reddit

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