New iPhone Apps: 30/30, Songnote And More

New iPhone Apps: 30/30, Songnote And More

This instalment of the week’s best iPhone apps contains plenty of fun. There’s a twist on a popular game, a travel tool, a music-sharing app and plenty more.

30/30: Have trouble staying focused? 30/30 won’t let your ADD get the best of you. It lets you make a list of tasks, allotting a set length of time for each, and alerts you when the clock has run out and is time to move on. Free. [clear]

App in the Air: This is an app for every person who has ever eaten an airport sandwich so awful it made them want to cry. It delivers vital info, such as where in the terminal to get the best food and how to go about getting a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll can also track your flight, monitor your airline miles, and keep tabs on anything else you need when you’re travelling. Free. [clear]

Songnote: You hear Kanye West’s “All of the Lights” and it reminds you of a camping trip you took with your friends. This app will let you send them the song along with a little note. $0.99. [clear]

Temple Run: Brave: The original version of Temple Run is a super-fun, super-popular game. Now it’s creators have teamed up with Disney to create a new edition that incorporates the movie Brave, which comes to cinemas next week. $0.99. [clear]

Stiktu: This app makes you a digital graffiti artist. Using augmented reality tech, it lets you draw on top of magazines, posters and other things by just scanning them with your phone. Free. [clear]