Anybody Want To Buy A Q?

I know, I know — it sounds like the opening lines to a Sesame Street sketch. But if you're something of a retro computing nut, then you might be interested in this particular Q, which once adorned Compaq's Sydney HQ. Ah, eBay. You can sell anything on eBay — even bits of old buildings. Compaq is nothing more than an HP sub-brand these days, but back in the day it was a serious contender. This particular Q is part of the old Compaq logo, on sale from a seller who claims that they purchased it as a charity auction back when Compaq was bought out.

It measures 143x158x26cm, and as the auction description notes, you could pretty much do with it as you like once purchased, humorously noting that it's worth ten points in Scrabble. At the time of writing, this Q would set you back just over $100. [eBay via ITNews]

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