An Upside Down Helicopter Makes For One Bad-Arse Ceiling Fan

Wow. We've seen aviation-inspired ceiling fans before, but they're usually just the propeller from an old WWII-era fighter plane. Not a full blown 1:6 scale Hughes/MD 500 helicopter perched upside down on an inverted helipad on your ceiling.

This marvellous creation is made from aluminium and fibreglass so it's lightweight, and comes complete with a set of four carbon fibre blades powered by a three speed motor controlled via an included remote. And with each blade measuring about 71cm in length, it's sure to cool down a room in no time, and kick up quite a dust storm if you haven't gotten around to spring cleaning. Pricing and availability is still up in the air (pun intended) but you can safely assume it isn't going to come cheap.

[Raffaele Iannello Creative Studio]

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