Aeroplane Formation Near Mt Fuji Just Needs Godzilla

Check out this formation of eight US Air Force C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft flying in formation near Mt Fuji in Japan. It's so beautiful that it looks like an illustration or a frame from a lost Akira Kurosawa modern war film.

The C-130s belong to the 36th Airlift Squadron Alaska Air National Guard and Tennessee Air National Guard. You can see them below, taxiing out after a training session at Yokota Air Base on June 5, 2012. [Flickr]

Image: Staff Sgt Chad C. Strohmeyer. Top image has been reformatted to fill the 16:9 format.


    They look terrible with all that exhaust!

    Wow, it's almost like a line of B-52's all ready to go complete with all that black exhaust! What a lovely sight.

    They're doin' that all over the world and WE have to pay a carbon tax. Something sucks.

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