Acer's Windows 8 Tablets Will Make Heads Spin

Acer's unveiled its Windows 8 tablets as well as touchscreen ultrabook lines at Computex, highlighting how touch is going to be a key component of computing from now on. Acer's Computex announcements include the very nice looking Iconia W510 tablet; a Windows 8 RT 10.1 inch tablet with a convertible form factor that also allows it to be rotated through 295 degrees.

The Iconia W700, on the other hand, is a more conventional Windows 8 tablet, albeit one with a 1920x1080 pixel display and three onboard USB 3.0 ports.

US prices for the S7 are apparently listed at between $US999 and $US1799; there's no word on Australian availability as yet.


    I think the PC industry just jumped the shark. Some of the stuff coming out of Computex is downright bonkers.

    The screen dock on the Iconia W510 looks a bit flimsy to me and the S7 is friggin exy. I plan to wait for a Windows 8, Ivy Bridge touch screen with the latest WiFi spec and USB3. So my little TF101 with dock will do in the mean time.

    I love all the crazy weird designs coming out - you can only go so far with materials and shape so these guys are really experiementing with design. The Yoga remains (IMHO) the winner for elegance though.

    Personally I want to play games as well as use touch so it's looking like a high-specced AIO will be for me. But still, it's great to see some experimentation.

    THIS !!!! Microsoft are going to kill android with this type of product. They'll smash ipad too or at least a big part of their market. That's fantastic!!

    Would be better if it folded right back on itself, you know, like a tablet.

    Love the concept and I've been wanting a Windows based one since the eee transformer came out, trouble with this one is it's Acer. The Samsung version looks promising though.

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