$450 Polyester Burberry Blazer Folds Into Its Own Pouch

Here's something potentially useful: a polyester blazer, made by Burberry, that can be folded into a convenient little pouch that zips itself up. It's great for travel! Burberry promises that the polyester suit won't crease from the folding and will still look great.

Maybe Burberry is right! The cut of the suit looks tailored with its slim lapels and single vent, but I don't know if I can get over the plastic sheen of polyester that turns an otherwise great-looking suit into a trashy rain coat. This is an expensive gimmick. And can you imagine all the crackling noise you'd make while your arms moved? By wearing this suit, you're letting it literally announce your shoddy fashion sense. It's a bad idea.

But man, the suit in a folding pouch feature is pretty freaking sweet. Can you imagine all your other friends travelling with their poofy garment bags trying to clear airport security while you're just wistfully carrying a pouch no bigger than your phone? You'll have more hands to have fun. And it's always about having fun. $US450. [MR PORTER via Uncrate]

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