15 Super-Secret Bases (That Everybody Seems To Know About)

Unless you stick your HQ on the moon or in Norway, you're going to need to hide it better than these guys did. Our friends at Oobject have assembled 15 of the most obvious secret locations on Earth.

Be sure to also check out these cipher devices, concealed guns, and these tricked-out suitcases.

British Secret Intelligence Service (AKA MI6), London

The building went from a secret location to one that could not be more conspicuous, after digital security became more important than literal invisibility. The entire building sits inside a Faraday Cage.

Czech Security Information Service HQ, Prague

The Lubyanka, Soviet Secret Police Headquarters

Hungarian Secret Police HQ

U.S. Secret Service Building, D.C.

Iraqi Secret Police HQ

East German Stasi HQ

National Security Agency Headquarters, Fort Meade

South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS) Building

The building has now been converted into a Youth Hostel.

Converted Former Romanian Securitate

Bizarrely, the former secret service HQ has been converted into the Romanian Architects Association.

Franco's Secret Police HQ, Spain

The building was known as the House of Screams.

Secret Service Building, Cuba

Australian Secret Intelligence Service H.Q., Barton Australia

The R.G. Casey building houses the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trad contains the intelligence service.

Ministry Of National Security Of Azerbaijan, Baku

Mossad HQ Until The 60s

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