Zuckerberg Just Got Married

Mark "IPO" Zuckerberg just dropped a Facebook status update bigger than the NASDAQ bomb: he and longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan are married, only a day after he became one of the richest men on the planet. He wore a suit!

As far as anyone can tell, the news of the marriage between the notoriously secretive couple -- about whom we know only of a shared dog, lavish vacation, and tense standoff between her vegetarianism and his staunch chicken-killing -- was broken on Facebook. Of course.


    This sounds nuts BUT at Bondi Beach this afternoon there was a doppelgänger couple of them. I was wondering.....................nah couldnt be could it?


      With that bland, characterless face, I'm sure several million people look exactly like him.

    What a boring guy. Twenty-eight year old billionaires should be waking up entwined with at least two supermodels in their fantastically amazing seaside mansion before strapping on the jetpack to get to their super yacht . When are we going to get a billonaire that lives the dream? Kim Dotcom was getting close. Nerd billionaires are so boring.

    jesus.. looks like she had a stroke

    Its amazing how a few hundred million makes you irresistible to women

      In fairness, they've been together since the start of Facebook, or before.

      few hundred million?
      dude, his value is in the 20 billions!

    And I just took a dump.

    Big whoop.

      can you give more details? shape, consistency, etc - this is how you are meant to use facebook anyway

    Clever girl.

    They look so middle of the road i'm amazed the camera can capture their image without it just being two vertical columns of reflected light.

    wow, so many negative remarks and others stating that with that kind of money he should be rolling around in supermodels. Maybe he just legit loves her, ever think of that?

    Supermodels would be great and all, so long as you could tape their goddamn useless mouths shut. This girl probably has a brain, and that goes a loooong way, especially for a nerd like Zuckerberg.

      Ha, how many supermodels have you even been in the same country with (let alone talked to) to give your put down of them any validity whatsoever?

    She loves him longtime indeed!

    Wow she looks thrilled.

    I'm happy for both of them. As if we all don't want to have an idea that's wildly successful, while at the same time having the emotional support of someone who's been with us through the hard work that made that success possible.

    I don't care if she's a gold digger (speculation) or if they're the plainest couple of all time (IMHO, not true). I'm not a fan of marriage for myself, and I really think the two of them could have found much nicer clothes and a better photographer for the occasion. But I can't help but hope that they remain happy together.

    Good onya Zuck!

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