You Won't Believe How Far The World's Longest Photo Stretches

It seems like England's Olympic athletes aren't the only ones interested in setting world records this year. Photographer Clare Newton has just been awarded a Guinness World Record for the world's longest photo that measures over a kilometre in length.

Since no camera on Earth has that kind of insane aspect ratio, the record-setting photo was actually stitched together from 109,000 separate images of people frozen in the air while they jump. And you thought Photoshop was a pain in the butt when just trying to merge a couple of shots. The project took over 21 months to complete, and the final results will actually be printed and put on display in London, or across London, during the Olympic games. [JuMp! via The Royal Photographic Society via PetaPixel]


    its really the most photos ever stuck together, the headline here led me to believe it would be one long panoramic shot, that would be impressive. this is just a waste of time.

      I agree.
      The world longest printed photoshop job maybe?

      yeah if someone took pictures of a 1km hill side meter by meter and put it together would be more impressive than this

    Correction...World's longest canvas...not World's longest photo...any photographer could have told you that..stop click baiting with your lying words...they weren't images stuck together, they were photographs stitched together...also of course there is no aspect ration of those dimensions, but you don't need that aspect ratio to achieve this...just get 1 normal sized photo and blow it up to 1km long and crop the edges and wow amazing World's longest photo...idiot she just needs to cut it up to use if for something :D

      as recycled paper?

    I really hope that isn't the image you are referring to. The way the article is worded suggests all the photos are merged together, and not just cut and stuck next to each other as shown. If they are merged into a 1km photo I will be slightly impressed, but if they are displayed as shown above, then this is no accomplishment at all. I can set up Photoshop to do this automatically, then I just have to find a printer to print a 1.01km long image and BAM World record of the crappiest world record ever. This title is misleading Giz and you know it.

    OK, technically it isn't the worlds longest photo; rather the world's longest print of a photo composite.

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