Can You Get Away With Being An Arsehole If You're On The Phone?

You know the move: Someone approaches, trying to talk to you — maybe it's important! — but you hunch your neck, shoosh them, point at the phone, and stare at them like they just took a dump in the middle of your mother's tupperware party. And they shut up.

I'm not saying this is a good thing. It sucks. We live in a totalitarian Phone Dick regime.

To see satirical humour in it: here's Second City Network — Hollywood-based alums of improv troupe The Second City — showing why phones make us awful, selfish people. [Second City Network via LaughingSquid]


    The dark haired guy looks like Paul Rudd.
    The scene where he pees on the red haired guy is hilarious!

    It has to be said though, despite this being a joke,.. who is the a-hole in this scenario? The person on the phone not acknowledging the other person? Or the a-hole that is not respecting the fact that you are already on the phone in a "conversation".

    These days, mobile phones are such a part of our lives that being on the phone amounts to being in a "private meeting" with another individual. If you want to interrupt that private meeting, you'd better have a pretty damn good reason :)

    A 'private meeting' infront of your friends, family, work mates, in public - no, it's just rude.
    Private meeting - private place.......
    I notice more and more now-a-days, the phone interupts more private conversations - be it a call or just a text.
    All of a sudden the phone has a higher priority than people.
    End rant.

      Yerp.. I guess it depends on the situation.. When I'm at my desk at work and I'm on the phone and people come up and want to talk to me "right now".. I think that is very rude. When I am having an ongoing conversation on my mobile phone, where before there was no one around, and someone suddenly "demands" my attention? That is also rude.

      The phone is not "king" but it's no different than if you were already in the middle of doing something and someone demanded that you stop doing that thing in favour of making them the centre of your attention.

    I pretend to be on my phone when I'm in the crowded markets in Asia where you get pulled aside by every vendor.

    It's kinda funny to see how apologetic they are when they go up to you and realize you're on the phone.

    I'm the opposite - I'll ignore the phone conversation I am having to talk to a real person, every time, even if it is just to thank the check-out chick and apologise for my rudeness.

      Yeah but you have no friends, so you were only talking to Siri, sheeple.

        Thanks for your valuable input, Sam.

      same, a quick "hang on a sec"/"one sec" to whoever i'm talking to on the phone will always come before I ignore someone in person...unless they are some annoying charity person or something...don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact...DAMMIT, WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME, I DIDN'T LOOK AT YOU...I EVEN WALKED AROUND THE BIN ON THE EDGE OF THE FOOTPATH TO BE FURTHER AWAY FROM YOU!!!

        btw I don't actually do that...but if I need to cross the road I will decide to cross earlier than I was otherwise planning to so I don't have to say "no thanks" and ignore them : /

    Stuff and things.

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