You Can Burn This Working Wooden Blanket For Extra Warmth

Obviously not satisfied with the miraculous modern marvel known as the Snuggie, German designer Elisa Strozyk created her own unique blanket — drawing inspiration from a warped tile floor instead of the thrill of perpetrating fashion crimes.

The inspirational parquet wood floor looked like it had come to life again after water damage caused it to bend and buckle. And Elisa wanted to capture the same feeling of a curved wooden surface with her series of wooden textiles including the blanket above.

Like a 3D wireframe model in a computer, the tile is made up of hundreds of wooden triangles and polygons affixed to a fabric backing. The fabric holds the entire piece together, but also helps minimise splinters while using it to keep warm. We really love the idea, because the results are absolutely stunning and we'll happily trade the threat of bed bugs for the threat of termites any day.

[Elisa Strozyk via FastCo Design]


    A flammable blanket. Weren't we trying to move away from products like that?

    "but also helps minimise splinters"
    MINIMISE splinters? So your morning routine now needs to include tweezers and going over your body pulling out splinters, where do I sign up for that treat?

    Frodo's going to sue

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