Question Of The Day: Would You Skype With Your Dog? (What If It Was Very Lonely?)

Man dogs are great. Having a dog is great. Playing with your dog is especially amazingly great. But leaving him for a whole day at work? Ugh no never HOW CAN WE FIX THIS? Skype, apparently.

It seems that pet owners are increasingly using Skype as a way to check in on and interact with their pets. Which might seem excessive if it wasn't so adorable.

Would you sacrifice whatever human dignity comes from not being the idiot talking to a cat on a screen to get a little more face time with your favourite pet?


    When I was in London I Skyped home one day and was talking to my mum. My cat heard my voice and leaped to the computer, meowing -- heart breaking and heart warming all at the same time. :P

    My answer is: Yes, unhesitatingly yes. - I'm a complete push-over for that slightly smelly source of hair in the carpet.

    Also: 0% negatives sofar - cool!

    I'd like to go one better I think and have a permanent camera + speaker and a nice treats box I could activate with my phone...

    How good would that be ^_^

    Sit Ubu sit.

    I've put my dog on the phone she just got confused and started to lick the ear piece.

    My dog only watches the screen for a little then gives up ,unless theres something she wants to chase down and eat ,then it's all different .
    She's the same on the phone though wants to lick it to bits hearing loved ones ....../0..0\

    I've had the dog chat on my phone to the rest of the family when they were away. I've also stuck him on Ustream once or twice to see what the little bugger gets up to when I'm at work.

    inb4 Hello Yes This Is Dog

    c'mon guise!

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