Would You Buy This Facebook Instagram Concept Camera If It Were Real?

Here's a reminder for concept designers and tech industry analysts: just because you can technically make something and it may look nice, it doesn't mean you should do it. Example: this Facebook/Instagram camera, with a flat touchscreen and a built-in printer.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sure that plenty of hipsters would buy it and wear it around their necks as they tote their soy lattes across Bourke St. New Age fun with a vintage feel and all that. But the reason why Instagram got so popular that Facebook bought its cool hype for a billion of hot dollars was because everyone had it in their iPhones and make things easy to share.

We just don't need another useless piece of junk to carry around with us. [ADR Studio via Petapixel]



    Hell yeah, it's big and cool looking.

    I'm pretty sure the majority of girls I know would love that shit.

    Agreed with the article, and would add that another reason it's popular is that it's FREE.

    Having said that, I reckon that camera logo would make a great image for an iPhone case.

    Totally agree, the whole idea of Instagram is that it is free and easily used through your Iphone/android/etc

    apple would sue, the sides look so iphone-ish

    this is coming from a iLover btw. i hate android.

      Make them look like grained wood then. SOLVED! and HIPSTERS AWAY!

      Why you needed to throw that little disclaimer in at the end, I have no idea.

        It's a thinly veiled "i am a clueless dick" disclaimer.

          My the name calling ? Deshan didn't say anything that should make you angry enough to directly insult him.

    Hipsters would buy it

    With the onboard printer I would definitely make use of it.

      I second this. Portable printer = win. Great for parties.

    No definately no,t why did they make it again ?

    I would buy if this was before the iPhone and App store. The App is enough for me.

    See I've never really been interested in instagram, I mean I use a camera on my phone and sometimes I share stuff online but I don't really need some special program to do it *shrug*
    But I think this actual camera looks cool and interesting, I'd consider getting one even just for the collectible factor. The built-in printer is a cool gimmick.

    Bit of a copy of the whole Polaroid thing though, isn't it? As a crappy icon for an app is one thing, actually making it into something that is substantially a silly caricature of a Polaroid camera is quite another.

    It would be a pretty cool bit of gear... never been a Polaroid user, but you know what - I'd give it a go.

    Also - it's not just another piece of useless junk. You do realise that there is a market for instant photos, right? Maybe a momentary lapse of memory is to blame, but you can't tell me that you haven't heard of the recently released Z340 from Polaroid? You know the one... the instant digital camera?

    YES!!!! I will be the first one in line to buy it. I absolutely love the idea!!! it seems VERY amazing!!!


    HELL YES I would buy it...its awesome!! A built in printer?! Thats awesome...I dont know what these fools aboove was talkn bout but I think its awesome...

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