World's Largest Underground High-Speed Rail Station Will Be Spectacular, Surreal-Looking

The Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus, when completed (sometime in 2015), will be the world's largest underground high-speed rail station, occupying a whopping 4,628,481sq/ft! Its surreal modern design is the work of international architectural studio Aedes, who with it demonstrate the interconnectedness of architecture and technology.

From the central Hong Kong terminal's 15 tracks, high-speed trains capable of reaching up to 200kph will convey to and from Beijing, in a record 48-minute's time. (At present, the same trip takes 100 minutes by rail.)

From the structure's landscaped paths, which are in fact the roof of the rail station, pedestrians will be afforded a breathtaking new view of the Hong Kong skyline from a vantage point of 148ft above the ground. Its horizontal design of smooth waves and clean lines cuts a sharp contrast against the otherwise tall and pointed buildings nearby, installing what is certainly a welcome contemporary new look for Hong Kong. [Freshome]


    Hong Kong to Beijing in 48 min? I don't think so maybe you mean Hong Kong to Shenzhen?

      48 minutes is the time for Hong Kong to Guangzhou. I think Hong Kong to Shenzhen was less than 15 minutes?

    I'm pretty sure you mean Hong Kong to Guangzhou. Even Hong Kong to Beijing takes about an hour by plane.

    The quoted time of 48 min, is for Hong Kong to Guangzhou, compared to 55min by plane. Hong Kong to Beijing, a distance of approximately 2,500km, at 200kph would take around 12.5 hours. Flying from Hong Kong to Beijing takes a little over 4hrs.

      Thanks. I was confused and excited with the mention that it currently takes 100 min by rail. Less than 2 hours from HK to Beijing by rail? And we want to go FASTER?

    Either way, it looks freakin spectacular. Cant wait to see the actual thing.

    The important feature of this station will be the inclusion of customs and immigration within the station, with out requiring to stop at the border. At the moment the railways line runs from Wuhan to Shenzhen North, all in just over 4hours. Futian Station is due to be completed this year, allowing for central access to Shenzhen. Once the final section from is completed to Beijing, travel times close to 9 hours is possible at a design speed of 300+Kph. Another high speed line will run east along the Chinese coast through Fujian and another will run west towards Hainan. Will make weekend escapes from Hong Kong much better.

    It will be even better when combined with the West Kowloon Art Precinct which will run along the Victoria Harbour foreshore between the Railway Station and the water and across to the west, housing opera and concert venues and many art galleries with open parkland.

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