World's Fastest Amphibious Land Vehicle Could Be Yours For Only $259,500

Sure, it looks like something a Cyberman suffering a mid-life crisis might drive. But the Sea Lion can seriously move, both on land and water.

The Sea Lion can (so it's claimed) hit 201kph on land and 96kph (~52 knots) on water, something that the designer says is only limited by horsepower; the current model uses a Mazda Rotary engine, but could be upgraded for the right buyer. On a journalist's salary, that's not likely to be me. [Fantasy Junction via Born Rich]


    it really doesn't look like he'd be able to see much from the water...

    Is that the final product?
    Looks like its a prototype by the way the panels fit together.....
    Its also extremely ugly.

    With the amount of flaps and levers and panels that move, this thing must have cost a bit to build. A few more tweaks and it might fly too.. ;)

    One small wave and you would be in trouble but deserving of points nonetheless.

    Hot disc brakes going into cold water - immediate warpage.

      not unless its ceramic disc brakes

    That was designed by a committee, right?

    That front wing would do nasty, nasty things to a pedestrian...

    Think I'd like to see it do any speed on water, not just paddle!

    This looks like that car Homer Simpson designed for his brother in that ep. rofl.

    it has bike storage. it's 'green'!

    So, what the hell was the point of the joystick if he's using the damned wheel to steer it in the water?

    I mean, is that for flying capabilities?

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