Beautiful Things: Wooden Lightbulb, Underground Gallery And More

Beautiful Things: Wooden Lightbulb, Underground Gallery And More

We’re hosting a feast for your eyes with this week’s most beautiful items. Whether it’s gorgeous workout equipment or pretty pencils, you’ll have plenty of attractive things to look at.

Philippe Starck Designed the Most Beautiful Fitness Equipment You’ll Ever See

Philippe Starck spends his time designing some of the most beautiful everyday objects we’ve ever seen. From juicers, to hard drives, to now a set of stunning fitness gear including free weights and jump ropes. More »

These Multifunctional Pencils Are Too Attractive to Ever Be Used

Pencils are decidedly simple instruments, used for the sole purpose of writing and drawing, but applications in which we use them in our daily lives are becoming increasingly niche. What if they had an added function? More»

All Art Should Be Shown In a Sublime Underground Gallery

The recently completed Daeyang Gallery and House in the hills of Seoul, South Korea is itself a work of art worthy of being shown in a museum, but it’s also designed specifically with the purpose of holding private exhibitions and events.More»

Symbol Audio’s Modern Record Console Makes Music Look as Beautiful as It Sounds

When it comes to audio technology, there are two unfortunate trends that are quite prevalent: listeners are ambivalent towards sound quality, and few audio products are built to last generations. In fact, audio equipment has become rather invisible in the home. Symbol Audio, a company with a background in furniture design and marketing, hopes to reverse that trend with its Modern Record Console, on display at ICFF 2012. More»

How in the World Does This Wooden Lightbulb Work?

At first glance artist Ryosuke Fukusada’s wooden light bulb looks like it was simply carved from a solid block of wood, and meant to hang from a ceiling as an art piece. But surprisingly it actually works, and without it going up in flames either. More»

This Crazy-Ass Ping Pong Table Took 400 Hours to Build

Axel Yberg and his firm — Akke — make what he calls functional art. That translates to fun creations like his Pingtuated Equilibripong table, which may or may not be the most beautiful ping pong table in existence. More»

This Computer Desk Puts a Twist on Eliminating Clutter

Since the invention of drawers, people have been utilising the space underneath a table-top. The Tambour Table puts a most mind-bending twist that concept. More»

How Can This Giant Twisting Bench Weigh Just Eleven Pounds?

Based on a smaller design he created a few years ago, Mathias Bengtsson’s gigantic Spun bench is now on display at an art gallery in Washington DC. But how can this giant installation only weigh just eleven pounds? It’s made from that uber-material known as carbon fibre. More»

Stay Off Your Boss’s Radar With This Stealth-Inspired Desk

Some days you want your boss to be aware of all the great work you’re doing. But other days you just want to slip beneath the radar, do what you gotta do, and get home. And we assume that’s exacly what David Hsu’s angled stealth desk is for.


The Best Way to Recycle a Propane Tank Is to Make It a Lamp

Step outside — the most gorgeous overhead lamp you have ever seen might be sitting in your very own backyard. More»

The Spinning Indoor Garden Built Using NASA Technology

What was once intended to be a garden for outerspace could someday be a garden for your living room. The DesignLibero Green Wheel is a planter box fashioned into a rotating wheel, offering the benefit of light and space economy for small, sun-starved environments. More»