Win Double Passes To See Iron Sky!

Nazis on the moon are invading, and we know when it's going to happen. Specifically, it'll happen next Thursday when Iron Sky goes into general release in Australia. Thanks to Hoyts Distribution, we've got ten double passes to give away so you can see this satirical sci-fi flick. NOTE: This competition is now closed. You can marvel at the winning limericks here.

Iron Sky was partially shot in Australia, and it has its official Australian release next Thursday. Hoyts has provided us with ten double passes for you to see it while it's running.

NOTE: This competition is now closed. You can marvel at the winning limericks here.

All you have to do is come up with the best possible limerick to describe the trailer embedded above. To get you started, I sat down with Lifehacker's Gus for about fifteen seconds to bang out this not-so-quality gem:

Beware Nazis who live on the moon; They are led by a sieg-heilin' loon. Can a fake Sarah Palin Defeat these sick aliens? Find out in a cinema soon!

You must be able to do better than that — for a start, it doesn't even match the proper pattern for a limerick. Full terms and conditions are here. The competition closes next Tuesday at 10am, so get rhyming!

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    The Furher was most displeased,
    He had the world on it's knees,
    Truly bested at first
    But we now fear the worst.
    The earth is about to be seized

      There was once a POTUS named Palin,
      whose re-election looks to be failin’.
      Nazis rising on the moon?
      Not a moment too soon.
      A good war makes for such smooth sailin’.

      There was once a POTUS named Palin,
      whose re-election looks to be failin’.
      Nazis rising on the moon?
      Not a moment too soon.
      A good war makes for such smooth sailin’.

      There is a threat from above
      Iron fist in a leather glove
      The space Reich is here
      sons of Albert Speer
      Will Palin's might be enough?

    Confused as to what I just saw,
    The Nazis restarting a war.
    They lived on the moon,
    I hope sense comes soon,
    But it makes me want to see more.

    To behold, angry Nazis around,
    From the Moon they came to the ground,
    Our defenses are a-failin',
    No thanks to Mrs. Palin,
    In the cinema the answers are found.

    The Dark of the Moon is the place,
    Where the Nazi’s have their secret base,
    To launch their attack,
    So they can take the world back,
    And restore the Aryan race.

    Glad I'm not Jewish or Black
    Cause it looks like the Nazi's are back
    They had been defeated
    So they quickly retreated
    To work on their plan of attack

    When space fairing Nazis come calling
    And come hurtling down (more like falling)
    Oh what a mess
    Those stupid SS
    They've crashed now the Fuhrer is bawling

    We're Nazis on the moon,
    We Carry a Harpoon,
    But we found no whales,
    So we tell tall tales,
    And sing our whaling tune

      If I don't win I want this to be in the top ten!

      Dammit, Tom. I came here to say exactly that. :P

        Tell you what, let's make it about the trailer then. ;)

        We're Nazi's on the moon,
        Our leader is a loon.
        But there ain't no Jews
        So We'll take a cruise
        And invade Earth real soon.

    The 2nd world war was nasty,
    But the world killed all the Nazis;
    Now the Nazis are back,
    And it's us they're going to attack;
    So now things are gonna get "Nazi".

      Forgot to use my updated email address.. here it is.

    Those damn nazi's from the moon
    They gonna come get us soon
    Palin will attack
    The world will crack
    And humanity will come to it's doom

    There once was a guy called the Fuhrer
    Invaded everything west of the Ruhr
    Next target the moon
    This guy was a loon
    His Empire is now down the sewer

    This time the Nazis seem vicious,
    Their plan is a little ambitious,
    For my life I fear,
    So I shall stay clear,
    And let these Nazis be malicious.

    The Fourth Reich is on their way,
    With quite the advanced weapons array,
    To become the lords of the Earth,
    And conquer every serf,
    Finally having their Victory Day.

    The Nazis are everything that is evil.
    Holocaust survivors are still mourning.
    Is this movie too soon.
    Do the writers hate Jews.
    We will see in the movie.

      Point taken, but mockery/satire as a way of deflating evil has a long and good history in the movies -- this article goes over them nicely: From what can be seen in the trailer, I don't think there's any kind of sympathy shown towards the Nazis in this particular film. It's satire, after all.

        In that case, did I win?

    Forget the ten free passes
    Moon Nazis wearing space glasses
    Is reason enough
    For us to get tough
    And pay to seat our own arses.

      Pay then :P

    The Nazis gassed Jews by the million
    The Japs were bombed to oblivion
    Now the Nazis are back
    And the yanks on attack
    With a redneck to be our salvation

    It's been 70 years since the war,
    And the Nazi's would settle the score.
    To the movies, my friend!
    (It's releasing May 10.)
    Now the moon will be boring, no more.

    When the POTUS is Palin
    and earthbound, the Nazi's come sailin'
    with weapons so grand
    we must make a stand
    to make sure their plans are all failin'

    We're whalers on the moon,
    We carry a harpoon.
    But there ain't no whales
    So we tell tall tales
    And sing our whaling tune.

    On the moon, the Nazis, are hiding,
    And their time, they slowly, are biding,
    When they launch their attack,
    Who of us will hit back?,
    None other than Palin presiding.

    There once where some Wagnerian loons
    who buggered right off to the moon.
    They plot our demise,
    their long treasured prize.
    The outcome will be obvious, soon.

    Directed by Timo Vuorensola,
    I'll watch it whilst drinking my Cola,
    The Nazi's will fly,
    Raining down havoc from the sky,
    To shake up the Earth like a tombola.

    A film about moon-dwelling Nazis
    Can't claim to be deep, or too artsy
    But the premise is sweet
    And the action looks neat
    So it holds a fond place in my heart... sy

    The Regime of the Swastika is coming,
    The governing world will soon be destructing.
    If the defence of our armies will fail,
    And you do not want to yell out: "Seig heil!"
    You better grab a rifle and start running!

    The nazi's have taken the moon;
    apparently with the all Spark in tune.
    And they've made mad robotics,
    have no skills with politics.
    Dammit, the Jews are all doomed.

    Nazis on the moon all shout 'BOO'
    Our Zeppelins are coming to get you
    The mad dictator from Earth
    Reacts with much mirth
    Time to sort out Who's who in the Zoo

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