Who Knew Kitchen Ventilation Was Worth Drooling Over?

Kitchen ventilation sounds like something totally boring, albeit necessary. Gaggenau creates some really awesome solutions for keeping your cook space aired out that look modern and refined.

First, there's the VL 430/431 ($US450) built-in countertop downdraft. Made from stainless steel, the system has flaps that close when you're not using it to keep your counters looking nice and neat. It's also pretty convenient, with a dishwasher-safe grease filter and a straightforward electronic control panel.

But if you would like something that's more adjustable, Gaggenau also offers the VL 051 Vario cooktop extractor. It has an extendable arm that can be positioned as close as two inches above the stove to as high as about 16 inches. At its tallest, it also rotates through 90 degrees on both sides. So say you're grilling inside a small apartment? This would conceivably keep your bedroom from smelling like the inside of a barbecue pit.

Fans have three power levels, and it works with other appliances, so it's compatible with non-Gaggenau hardware. Even if you're already a great chef, this could make the food prep process easier, and it might refine the look of your kitchen. [Appliancist]

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